That was Cherry Valley’s last threat

That was Cherry Valley’s last threat. Later, in the fourth quarter, she
reached the Maroon-and-Grey’s twenty-seven yards but was forced to punt
after two attempted forward passes had failed. Brimfield secured two
more touchdowns, one in each period, and twice failed at field-goals,
Rollins’s drop-kicking proving far from first-class. Freer took the ball
over for the first score in the second half, and Marvin, who replaced
Carmine toward the end of the last period, squirmed through from the
four yards for the second. Freer failed to convert his touchdown into a
goal, but Marvin very neatly added a point to his, and the final score
read Brimfield, 26; Cherry Valley, 0; which was a more satisfactory
result than last year’s.